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In conclusion, the goverment is hoping the NKRA programme will be succesfull in produce excellent human capital for the development of the workforce to drive the national economy to achieve the New Economic Model, ultimately achieving Vision 2020.

Implemention Strategies

  1. Increase the number of preschool classes in a dense population, poor urban, and rural area.
  2. Take SPM Student Management Assistant (PPM) in pre-school classes.
  3. Provide courses related to the National Preschool Curriculum for teachers hired specifically from government agencies (Tadika KEMAS/PERPADUAN) and private.
  4. Incorporate language Iban (Sarawak), Kadazan (Sabah) and seedlings in the National Preschool Curriculum.
  5. Provide pre-school admission to the hostel daily in rural areas.
  6. Improving the National Preschool Curriculum by adding R & D time by 50% English.
  7. Provide transportation to preschool children according to location.

Detailed Information on Education NKRA

The National Key Result Areas (NKRA) Education, member governments will focus on four sub-NKRA to expand access to affordable and quality education.

Sub-NKRA preschool

7 aspects of improving access to quality pre-school education and affordable :-

  1. Establishment of National Coordination Committee and Division Prasokolah PERMATA Preschool and Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE)
  2. Implementation of the National Preschool Curriculum Standard (NPCS)
  3. Uniform support to preschool student.
  4. Improvement the quality of the teachers.
  5. Increase the number of preschool classes in rural areas.
  6. Improve the public-private partnerships in pre-school education.
  7. Provide the National Pre-school information system.

What the objectives?

The education of NKRA set two main focus as a basis for transformation to ensure that all children receive quality basic education and develop a performance culture to drive transformation in the education system.

Thus, Preschool education, mastery of literacy and numeracy in Phase One, High School Achievement (SBT) has introduced a new offer to the dean and professor in raising the achievement of excellence through NKRA be sub field.

In addition, the sub areas include increasing enrollment rates NKRA children aged four and five years participated in preschool education.

The implementation was to ensure that every normal child can master basic literacy and numeracy skills after attending three years of primary education.

The NKRA Education Of Malaysia

National Key Results (NKRA), Government Transformation Programme (GTP) Education 2010 succeeded in elevating the teaching profession ranked eighth country to get the world as reported by Newsweek magazine.

NKRA aspirations are focused on increasing overall student achievement includes intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical boost the image of the country's education system. The increase student achievement at all key stages in the development of talent to produce a skilled workforce so that the objective of becoming the developing countries by 2020 is achieved.